Erlebnisbericht von Hannah

Veluwe (Niederlande)

My daughter rides her pony/horse in the nearby Forrest, for years without any problems, until these muslim men (so called refugees) came in the area. they verbally harassed her many times when she ignores their hissing and shouting for her attention. And twice a Somali-type of man blocked her way to grab the reins. finally she made the horse ran over him/bump him aside. She avoids the area ever since. and our 16 yr old girl next door was able to flee from a car with an older muslim man who tried to pull her into his car. Right in front of our house. Nothing ever happens here. Until last years. and putting story’s on fb about it, costed me a lot of „friends“, calling me racist ect. even got a death-thread. which I reported at the police station. In our small town it is still taken seriously by the police. Because in that same month 1 woman and 1 girl where sexually assaulted by 3 muslim men. I am a mother of 3 daughters, and I fear for their safety sometimes.