120dB in northern Germany: „Dead girls don’t lie“

Today, some of our activists gathered in northern Germany to protest against the increasing crimerate in Europe. In a theatrical performance, three of the 120dB-girls resembled the death toll of the immigration without brakes. Behind, we held a banner saying „Dead girls don’t lie“.

The reason for us to take actions is another incidient with migrant violence: Mireille, a 17 years old girl, was stabbed to death by an Afghan asylum seeker, whose application for asylum was rejected. The perpetrator is now in pretrial detention.

It’s always the women who pay the price for the irresponsible migration policy all over europe, especially when the migrants come from misogynic cultures.

We won’t accept the rising violence against women! We will confront the responsible politicans at any place. We demand the immediate end of the current migration policy, a remigration of all illegal and criminal migrants.

More Informations: www.120db.info

Order Flyer: www.ibladen.de
Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland e.V.
IBAN: DE98476501301110068317
Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold
Verwendungszweck: „120dB-Kampagne“


  1. Well said German women. I stand with you .I must ask though where are the German lads who should be beating the muslim invaders heads in and exiting them from the country.

    There is a problem here and it is that the European man has become weak and doesn’t want to lift a finger.

    Get onto to the streets German lads and sort the problem out now .Dont let the muslims molest your sisters .

    Get rid of these vermin. Your government has now become your enemy so its up to you to show you are real men. Your women will love you for it.

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