120dB in northern Germany: „Dead girls don’t lie“

Today, some of our activists gathered in northern Germany to protest against the increasing crimerate in Europe. In a theatrical performance, three of the 120dB-girls resembled the death toll of the immigration without brakes. Behind, we held a banner saying „Dead girls don’t lie“.

The reason for us to take actions is another incidient with migrant violence: Mireille, a 17 years old girl, was stabbed to death by an Afghan asylum seeker, whose application for asylum was rejected. The perpetrator is now in pretrial detention.

It’s always the women who pay the price for the irresponsible migration policy all over europe, especially when the migrants come from misogynic cultures.

We won’t accept the rising violence against women! We will confront the responsible politicans at any place. We demand the immediate end of the current migration policy, a remigration of all illegal and criminal migrants.

More Informations: www.120db.info

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Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland e.V.
IBAN: DE98476501301110068317
Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold
Verwendungszweck: „120dB-Kampagne“


  1. Well said German women. I stand with you .I must ask though where are the German lads who should be beating the muslim invaders heads in and exiting them from the country.

    There is a problem here and it is that the European man has become weak and doesn’t want to lift a finger.

    Get onto to the streets German lads and sort the problem out now .Dont let the muslims molest your sisters .

    Get rid of these vermin. Your government has now become your enemy so its up to you to show you are real men. Your women will love you for it.

  2. My sisters!!! I am watching your terrible situation from the neighbouring Czech Republic. I wish I could join you!!! I am a mother of a little girl and I am worried about the future of women in Europe!!! At least for now, I am crossing my fingers for you all!!!! You have my support!!! Olga

  3. David, I agree with the fundamental premise of your message. But I would ask you to consider the impact of feminism on western society over several decades, which has continuously pushed the idea that women are strong and independent and don’t need men to protect them any longer. There has also been a war on masculinity in general, consistently referred to in the media as “toxic masculinity”. Couple this with the increased feminisation of men, the reduced role of fathers and husbands in society, and what you have are boys who never become men, never know what it is to be a man, and never know what it is they should be protecting. Finally combine this with the mass immigration of young men from majority Muslim countries who haven’t had to contend with these things, and this is the result. Ask yourself, why should a modern western man risk his own safety and livelihood when he’s been constantly told for years and years that his assistance isn’t needed, wanted or appreciated?

  4. Hi Ladies, Today I saw another dead girl at the hands of an asylum seeker in Germany and apparently growing violence there. I have seen in my own country at first-hand grooming and abuse by the Pakistani Muslim community, in my area to a girl who was a neighbour. I cannot see this getting better. I don’t understand why if you speak up about this you are called ‘right wing’. Sure we have enough home-grown sex offenders and they are rightly condemned and you never get called ‘right wing’ for making that challenge, but if you challenge certain communities you are. It’s a double standard that until we can apply the same rules across the board we will never be able to sort this one out. There will be more dead girls and ruined lives, women and girls will pay the price, but eventually men will too, for ignoring this.

  5. I am so proud of you very strong and brave women. Keep your voices heard and don’t let up. You all have the courage of lions. I’m so sorry your once beautiful peaceful countries have turned into a nightmare. We were lucky that we didn’t elect Clinton for president. She would have opened our borders and flooded our cities with people that have no desire to assimilate to western cultures. Sending our love and prayers from our home in America.

  6. I believe they are a reactionary group to the murders and rapes of an alarming number of girls by migrants who should not have legally been there and who, in some cases, had committed acts of rape in the past which border controls were unable to pick up on. I ve read many of the cases and it s quite shocking how easily a murderer, rapist or terrorist can just get into a country without checks. I think that is the main purpose of the 120 movement from what I have seen. It is a reaction to preventable rapes and deaths. I don t think it makes me a Nazi to care about these rapes too.

  7. Keep up the great work ladies. I’m stunned that at last there are women who are willing to stand up and speak their minds against this crazy immigrant politics. I’ll sign up for the newsletter.

  8. I’m from the Czech republic. Yet here reigns a relative calm,but even here the spread the dangerous islamic contagion. And people are silent. The media is to include a large amount of completely useless information,but about the impending doom no one is talking. I think that we should start to organize,so how are they organized them. I’m sorry for all the normal people in Germany and elsewhere in Europe,that their politicians have sold.

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