120 decibel protest: activists enter #metoo-stage

Monday, Berlin: Not far from the Kanzleramt, from where Angela Merkel reigns, some prominent women plan to do a panel discussion. The subject: #metoo and all the conventional issues of sex assaults. On the stage women like the Minister of Family, Katarina Barley, met up with Natalia Wörner, girlfriend of the Minister of Justice. First class women talking about their problems.

Obviously, there are things, they don’t like to talk about, like the increasing rate of sex assaults by migrants, which concerns more and more women in their everyday life. As a result, activists of 120dB joined the high-society-women on the stage and confronted both the celebrities and the audience with our clear message. The banner said: “We are the voice of the forgotten women”. This means, we are speaking for all the women, who don’t have the chance to talk about their experiences on stage. We are speaking for those, the upper class never would take care of.

But we talk about these problems and name the reasons for these problems. With banner, signposts and snippets from the news, the activists entered the stage to see, whether the panel discussion members want to talk about violence by migrants. Although the 120dB-girls offered a open discussion, both audience and organisers rejected the offering and continued living in their own echo chamber.

The 120dB-activists went out of the building, but not without leaving their turned on pocked alarms in the hall. For a few minutes everybody there could hear the sound of 120 decibel. This is the sound volume for our protest, which gives a voice to the forgotten victims. The sound volume against migrant violence.

This is only the first of many actions to go. We won’t be silent. Expect us.

Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland e.V.
IBAN: DE98476501301110068317
Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold
Verwendungszweck: “120dB-campaign”


  1. All the best wishes from Estonia. I think that most of Eastern Europe is shaking their heads in awe about what’s going on for years now in Germany and Sweden. Stay constructive!

  2. Hi my Sister’s ,this action at the metoo show was awesome u nailed it Sisters I will be promoting #120db everywhere I go and write ,be of Twitter Facebook etc I will even buy some stickers and pin them .We will not give up !truth will win !???????

  3. Website translate looks great!

    Please keep trying to keep the narrative based in truth. The popular argument of “men are just SO rapey!” is not only incorrect, but damaging to everyone. To have equality on all sides, we need to speak the truth on all sides.

  4. We are watching in wonderment from Houston, Texas, USA. The western European countries are slowly committing suicide. They are inviting a clash of the cultures and then siding with the medieval and misogynistic side. Your leaders have abandoned you and you must fight for your rights. In our country, women can carry firearms to protect themselves. It’s unfortunate that all you have is a loud noise. Good luck to all true Europeans, especially you women, who have now become second-class citizens in your own country. Stay Strong!!!!

  5. From Wales in UK. We have the same problem here! Well done girls! Keep it up and do not be cowed or silenced by the politically correct brigade! Keep on fighting the fight and get the truth out there! This is unacceptable and trying to pretend this violence and behaviour does not exist and actually defend the perpetrators, whilst trying to shut the victims up is colluding with these vile men. The only thing worse than someone doing evil is to stand by and allow it, doing nothing…

  6. Happy to see there is resistance.Hundreds of thousands of young girls and children have been raped and trafficked as sex slaves in the UK and we know its a cultural war .The politicians refuse to act so we must protest and ignore those who call us racist and nazi.One child was found in a room where out of the door 50 pakistani men lined up to rape her.Imagine that happening to a 12 year old.This is so evil

  7. I am a man who sends you my sincere support. Truly most honest. Do not let violence against women pass without public condemnation, criticism, your clear and loud attitude about the problem. Rape and sexual harassment is terrible and traumatic for every woman regardless of whether she lives in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa or Asia … Your views are not wrong but they are late in my opinion. Still, you need and must to fight for a better future for all women and girls.
    Unfortunately, politicians’ decisions aren’t very logic and common sense very often. Do not forget where the migrants come from. Who destroyed their lands, houses and lifes in the name of some false “democracy”? Your countries bombed them! They were collateral victims and now you have become it. Unfortunately, women who were also victims of sexual violence are women from my country (who are just a transit country on a migrant route). Our womans is double victims becouse we don’t were involved in dirty “democracy” wars. 🙁 Each victim has the same weight, value, price – at least we value life and all women equally here in Macedonia. Unfortunately, in Western countries life does not have the same price if it is a woman or a child from another country, especially from the 3rd world.
    Do not forget that new migrants import new culture, Islam, new relationships between the sexes… That brings your politicians to your country for capitalists who need more profit. It does not matter what other culture and religion will become dominant in the West in 20-30 years, and then you (females) will only be the second-order person. Your daughters and grandchildren will be slaves to their husbands because of your politicians. It’s sad, but it’s a raw truth.
    120db is too quiet for the danger that has long since reached Europe. And 1200db is not loud enough. But you need to think about all when you vote for your leaders! Do not allow people without their own children to lead countries like Germany, Britain or France … They only think of money and political power!

  8. Osama Bin Laden wanted a clash between cultures. But he failed for rather obvious reasons. In the meantime European politicians have succeeded where Osama Bin Laden failed. We have a de facto clash between cultures now in Europe and it is only going to get worse.
    Today the women – especially the young and vulnerable – are the first victims of this clash of cultures. But women all over the world could also become the solution and help defuse this toxic situation.
    Imagine a place where women all over the world could be safe and educate themselves out of reach of violent men, who are only using them as weapon to further their vain ambition of world dominance. I envision a global organization where women can enter and learn how to defend themselves while learning, the arts and sciences, history, and other subjects that will help them in their struggle.
    Obviously, a woman can handle firearms just as well as any man. The only thing women sometimes lack is the will to defend themselves with all means and the will to carve out a future of their own choosing for themselves – even if their father/brother/cousin/uncle/etc. disagrees.

  9. It is heartbreaking to see this happening in Germany. In Texas, many, many of us have a real connection to Germany and Austria. Most educated Americans admire German culture and love it’s people.

    This disaster is a product, in part, of the Diversity, Multiculturalism and Political Correctness gone out of control. The Left shares a great blame here. They will verbally abuse Caucasians, Christianity, Capitalism, Judaism but never Islam.

    Some Muslims are peaceful, some are not. Islam, if you read the Quran and look at their conquests of the Persian empire and Byzantium, is not a religion of peace. It never has been. Muslim apologists tell us that Islam protects women………….but they don’t mention Non-believing women who they abuse.

    You ladies are doing a great job. I applaud you !!!!!!

  10. Nice job guys. Considering this whole me too movement is mostly a crock to demonize all men, make it seem like consensual sex at the time was rape because some women now regret it, taking attention off the women who now regret it by playing the victim, I’d say you guys were the best thing there. No – you were the ONLY good thing there. You were focusing on the real issues towards women that no one wants to talk about.

  11. They cannot deny the truth for ever! Keep moving forward, I talk about you everywhere!! Lots of hugs from a mother who sees you all as her precious daughters! Greetings from Sweden. xx

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