Why we must talk about migrant violence against women

A lot things happened after we started our campaign: We conducted interviews, relaunched our website and talked with many people about #120db . Besides the overwhelming positive reactions there are a few comments – both on social media and by broadcasts – which called our campaign “racist”, because we only talk about the migration background of the perpetrators. We often hear the following: “the perpetrators are always men!” and “There a way more crimes committed by Germans!”

Those people feel vindicated by statistics. For them, there is nothing wrong as long there are more Germans committing crimes than migrants. More than this mindset is utterly cynical, it is completely wrong. There are some facts, proven by the official statistics of the German police for the year 2016, we’d like to share with you. At first, you have to put the numbers of crimes in connection with the total amount of the population of each group. So indeed, it’s true: there are more Germans committing crimes in Germany than migrants. But: there are also way more Germans living in Germany than migrants. When looked closely upon, you can see the difference. (1) As a matter of fact, Algerians are 21 times more likely to be suspected of committing sex assaults than Germans. This isn’t an isolated case: migrants from Guinea are nearly 17 times more likely, migrants from Afghanistan are 19 times mire likely for doing so. Knowing this and about the current pro-migration policy, it is rather a denial of reality by not calling this a growing problem for German women.

Although the establishment is still trying to defend this policy, other politicans already had to confirm this alarming tendency. “There is nothing to whitewash”, said the then Minister for Home Affairs, Thomas de Maizière, when presenting the disastrous statistics in April 2017. By then, the number of crime-suspected asylum seekers and refugees has risen by 90 percent compared to the previous year (2). For a long time, the crime rate was on a way downwards, but when the borders were opened, it rose again. In 2016, according to the statistics, the numbers for sexual assaults increased by 12,8 percent. Even the rather left-wing leaning “Zeit” newspaper had to state: “Without the crimes of suspected migrants, the crime rate of 2016 would be still sinking or at least wouldn’t be increasing” (3).

As long as the imported violence against women isn’t a subject in media and as long there are no consequences to the wrong policy, this is cheap talk. For this reason, we started the “120 decibel” campaign. We are reminded every day how important our subject is by the resistance we are meeting.

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  1. I suspect that if the Germans knew about all the crime committed by the migrants they might suspect that a 2nd Muslim invasion was happening and the skinheads and soccer hooligans would organize and get guns and train to be a sort of army that would defend the Fatherland and /or exterminate the brown guys. The police, government, and news media are forced to silence this in order to keep a lid on things.

  2. you girlez bring tearz of pride and joy to this 52year old first nation canadian woman!! mother of three grown women and 6 little grand girlez!! woohoo!! thank you thank you!!!

  3. Well done! You are so brave! It is extraordinary to me that people are put down for discussing these very real problems. Keep going! We must be safe..

  4. Your activism is incredibly valuable. Passive acceptance of threat is what put mullions to death. Scream from the stage, corner politicians in restaurants. Drive the streets with banners. Keep safe, as yu WILL be targeted. I love this #120Db hashtag. I will spread the info.

  5. Thank you for standing up for abused women all over the world. Denying the deeply held misogynistic beliefs of many cultures is dangerous. It is dangerous to women and to migrants who do not abuse women. We dont apologize when our citizens rape and we must not protect migrants who rape. Bravo ladies! ??

  6. We must scream and shout even louder now! Go girls all together we must stand hand in hand and shout this injustice government will soon face the biggest nightmare slapped in their faces The TRUTH!

  7. We are watching in wonderment from Houston, Texas, USA. The western European countries are slowly committing suicide. They are inviting a clash of the cultures and then siding with the medieval and misogynistic side. Your leaders have abandoned you and you must fight for your rights. In our country, women can carry firearms to protect themselves. It’s unfortunate that all you have is a loud noise. Good luck to all true Europeans, especially you women, who have now become second-class citizens in your own country. Stay Strong!!!!

  8. I wish you every success in this disgraceful situation…people must be made aware. It is rarely ever mentioned in the British press….obviously it is suppressed by the pathetic media. My very best wishes to you all.

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