Update after five days since the start of our movement

Last week, we went public with our campaign #120db. Since then, our video appeared on many channels, was shared over a thousand times and reached many people by this. Also, we received many reactions to this. By doing so, you showed us how important this step was. Even two important mainstream-media news wrote stories about us.

We will now analyse the incoming reactions – some of you sent your experiences with migrant violence, and these stories will be told.
As this will take some time, we have to beg you to hang on. Please help us by sharing this video and spreading our message. Violence against women by migrants mustn’t be tabued – but this is happening in Europe right now.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/120dezibel

Our Video (with english subtitles)


Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland e.V.
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Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold
purpose: „120db“

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  1. I wish you great success with your mission to stop the terrible injustices you have to endure. What is happening in Europe is insane. I’m from America and we are enduring our own disunity and polorization here as well. It seems that things are hard in many places of the world. I am male and totally sympathize with your problem in Germany. I know as a male that the majority of males in the civilized countries would also stand up for you defense if you worked with them. Please utilize if possible their help as well. The animals that are causing you your pain, are cowards and will not stand up to a powerful overwhelming force. Please use all things that will help you to your advantage. Good luck to you all, and God Bless You!!

  2. I have witness Europe’s change since the 60”. I’m angry to see how most European democracies have lost their identity and betrayed their populations and especially the woman. 2015 was a turning point when I completely lost faith in those that are supposed to protect us and our cultures.
    I’m really thankfull for what 120db is doing for Europe’s daughter’s, standing up for their rights and challenging MSN, politicians, police, justice, NGO’s reminding them on the job they are supposed to do.
    Anyone doing these deeds can never win however, because in the end good people always triumph over evil.

    Deepest respect

  3. We are watching in wonderment from Houston, Texas, USA. The western European countries are slowly committing suicide. They are inviting a clash of the cultures and then siding with the medieval and misogynistic side. Your leaders have abandoned you and you must fight for your rights. In our country, women can carry firearms to protect themselves. It’s unfortunate that all you have is a loud noise. Good luck to all true Europeans, especially you women, who have now become second-class citizens in your own country. Stay Strong!!!!

  4. I wish you all the best with this movement, it is encouraging to see that men and women see what so many others don’t. I’m sharing your video far and wide.

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