The start of our campaign

The start of our campaign

London, Berlin, Cologne or the small town of Kandel: By now, for women it is all the same, their life did become dangerous. Along with the millions of migrants, which are now flooding Europe, came their culture – for many of them, women are inferior beings.

Sex assaults are nothing new for women, but the quantity has risen. In order to stop this tendency, we have to talk about the reasons. We can’t afford sticking to a false political correctness. Those who are responsible for the rise of violent crimes against women didn’t just forget how to behave properly. Treating women like that is deeply rooted in their culture and often religiously motivated. In many cases, integration isn’t possible anymore.

Although media repeatedly covered stories of rape and violence, nobody talks about measures to be adopted. Victims of sex assaults often keep silent, because they fear to be considered as “racists” and politicians try to understate the cases.

But we can’t let that change of our way of life happen. When women can’t feel save anymore, we need to act. When there is a political correctness, which tend to muzzle us, we have to fight it.

Take your part in the movement and let them hear your voice! 120 decibel is the sound volume of a pocket alarm, which is now carried by many women. 120 decibel is the name of our outcry against migrant violence. Tell us you story with the hashtag #120dB and let us know, how you experience alienation, violence and abuse.

You can also report your story anonymously to

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  1. At last. Real courage. Perhaps
    if you have the resources, your page should
    have French and Swedish language also.

    I am Canadian, of distant German descent. But I
    spent a couple years in mainly Vienna, Salzburg, Munich recovering from Borrliose and an accident.
    Before your national suicide insanity. A family
    I knew in Munich, they would not lock their doors
    if they were only going out shopping for a few hours. I finally convinced them that because
    they had a teenage daughter , they should lock their doors. But it was that safe. Vienna was
    so safe, even late at night, don’t remember ever
    encountering even a slightly aggressive drunk person.

    Germany and Austria were beating Canada on almost every measure that matters for quality of life. Wonderful what you are doing. I just
    could not believe that so many Germans still voted
    for Merkel and more of the same.

    Best Wishes,


  2. Hello from ??, it hard to comprehend the enormity of what is going on in countries like Sweden and Germany. For the woman to watch the male citizens of their countries sit back and allow the destruction of their culture and the rape of women and children must be absolutely devastating for them. Politicians will do just about anything to further their status on the world stage and the diabolical consequences it brings to their country is just collateral damage. If what we are reading and being told on YouTube etc is true it is inconceivable the German government has been re- elected, it makes absolutely no sense.

  3. I am humbled by the spirit, strength and conviction of these women in 120db movement to stand up to the injustice that is brought upon their culture and way of life and bring a voice to the rest of the women in the West.

    I am a citizen of the USA. I came here from Asia 25 years ago. I am very patriotic and proud to be an American. It’s a great county to live with much opportunities if one is willing to work for it. Of course, there is some racism here. But there is racism in one form or other everywhere in the world. Yet, I will proudly say this country is the best place to live a free life.

    For the past 10-15 years I have witnessed that this country is gradually losing its soul. There is no more decency and respect for one another nor for this country. It makes me very sad. I came to USA to embrace its culture and morale that built this country and live a free life. Now a days, although people come to USA for better life, they try to change the culture of this country to mimic their country of birth. It is so ironic, given that they left their country of birth because of its culture and way of life.

    Europe seems to wither by the pressures of social justice. There is absolutely no difference between occupying a country through war or occupation of a country by mass migration- a Trojan Horse. It’s a tragedy.

    I don’t need to a white man to understand the pain and hopelessness. I fully support your beliefs.
    I hope the men will come together and a conceive a similar movement supporting these women

  4. The fact is that the ruling parties were the biggest losers in the last election in Germany. If the same policy continues it will be quite so sure that the real change will happen next time. Unfortunately it will too late for the – too many – victims, because of this insane denial of the facts by the leading politicians.

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