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120 decibel is the sound volume of a pocket alarm, which now is carried by many women. 120 decibel is the name of our movement, which will sound the alarm and warn against imported violence. Join the movement and use the hashtag #120db to tell us your experience with violence, alienation and sexual abuse.

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This is a false accusation. We cannot allow the voices of victims to be suppressed only because the perpetrators where migrants. We will not bow to a false song of political correctness. In Germany, you will find many statistics, which show you how there is a clear connection between increasing migration and increasing reports of sexual assault.

These assaults are not caused because of the biological or racial make-up of migrants, they are caused by the misogynistic cultural-conditioning that migrants inherit from majority-Muslim countries where in many cases women are treated like second-class citizens.

This movement depends on you! Share the message and use the hashtag #120db. If you or someone you know have fell victim of migrant sex crimes, you can send your story to our email (here). To stay tuned about further developments, you can register to our newsletter.

Unlike the #metoo campaign, we don’t want to stay an internet phenomenon. In the future, we want to stage real actions, i.e. when a woman was raped by a migrant. When this happens, we want to be there, talk to the people, and draw attention to the case, so the authorities are forced to take action. We want to encourage women to stand up for their freedom and their rights, which has been severely affected by mass immigration. We want to empower them to denounce the mistakes of the government and the media. Besides actions we want to reach this goal by additional women’s marches and rallies.

120 decibel is the sound volume of pocket alarms. The risen demand of these pocket alarms and their availability in more and more shops is a clear sign for the increasing number of women who don’t feel safe any more in public space. Pocket alarms trigger a loud sound which should attract attention of other pedestrians and rout out any attackers. Like this device, #120db was created to attract attention – in this case to the immediate consequences of wrong immigration policy on girls and women!

With our campaign we want to give women courage and empower them to speak up against the consequences of a wrong immigration policy, whose first victims are girls and women and their freedom. Many girls who have become victims of criminal migrants don’t have a platform to talk about their experiences. What we need is the awareness that a multicultural society bears an increasing threat, when we don’t talk frankly about problems with migrants because of “political correctness”.

We are a group of women, who will no longer stay silent about the increasing number of sexual assaults on women. With #120db we want to start a movement, which focuses on the experiences of women with criminal migrants and publish these stories. Our activists show themselves in videos, but the focus is on the subject of sex crimes of migrants against all women.

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